Notes from the ActivityStreams lunch

The ActivityStreams group’s technical efforts to finalize a spec in time for the next OpenSocial event in May are coming along nicely. What about the other elements that make for healthy protocol adoption?

Why am I posting AS updates to the DataPortability blog?

Activity Streams reflects our data portability values, helping users have their data wherever they go online. I’m participating in the AS effort on behalf of the #DPP.

— Phil Wolff, editor

We talked about what it takes to launch the site. This was about a half hour of our April 1st, 2011, four-hour lunch at Chevy’s in San Francisco during the Web 2.0 Expo.

Activity Streams logoWe started with design questions.

Who is our site’s customer? We tried to categorize by organization size (BigCos, startups, individuals) but this didn’t work. Roles worked better. So far we’re clustering geeks (engineers, technologists) and non-geeks (suits, product managers, designers).

Goals? What might these users want when they visit?

  • Fix my stream. Technical help.
  • Learn. How to, specs, why.
  • Get. SDKs, code samples, books, t-shirts.
  • Discuss. Specs evolution, issues, implementation.
  • Promote my stream. Testimonials, leaderboard.
  • Build tools. Extensions, validators.

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