Congrats to Google Takeout for adding Blogger, G+ Page exports

The Data Liberation Front advanced Google’s data portability practices another two notches, adding export for Blogger blogs and for Google+ Pages to Google Takeout. Kudos.

Data Liberation Front

A few questions:

How complete are these exports?

  • Do they include comments left on blogs? 
  • Trackbacks? 
  • Site settings? 
  • Media and files? 
  • Blogrolls? 
  • Themes and templates? 
How do they deal with people? 
  • List of contributors (including owners, guests authors, editors, commenters)
  • Their profiles, including bios and avatars
  • Their roles, including permissions

Are the exported files adjusted so they will work elsewhere? For example, so links that worked on will work if imported to 

Is a rendered view of content backed up as well as the raw content? Blogger posts are exported as Atom syndication files. Are there html versions of each page too? 

Are events properly preserved? A common fault in blog exports is the rewriting of time-stamps during export, import or migration. 

Export is good. But don’t stop there. Check portability projects for the quality and completeness of their service. 

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