Why Yahoo! Contributor Network Needs a DataPortability Policy

YCN is a creative content distribution point to various Yahoo! properties. Photographer Thomas Hawk can’t imagine losing access to or control over his photos in the Yahoo Contributor Network. The Contributor TOS says they can kick him off any time for any reason without notice or recourse. Portability Policy logoThomas is angry because he’s seen Yahoo!’s flickr eject users, permanently, delete photos and destroy community generated content.

A data portability policy should help Thomas and other writers, photographers, and videographers. They want to understand what Yahoo! will let them do with their own content. Yahoo! wants to be clear. The Portability Policy model makes it simple and straightforward to think through the issues and communicate them effectively.

You can learn more about writing your own at PortabilityPolicy.org where the DataPortability Project hosts the ten questions a data portability policy should answer.

If you’re in the Bay Area on a second Thursday, stop by one of our DataPortability meetups to talk about it.

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