Check out #OExchange, a data portability protocol

OExchange logoOExchange is an open protocol for sharing any URL with any service on the web.” We want to share stuff among sites and services. OExchange provides a really simple way for your software to discover and get resources from other sites, and to share your resources. This is probably one of the coolest things in this space since XML-RPC.

It’s plumbing so I’ll leave out the technical stuff, but it can make it ridiculously easy for programmers to build getting and sharing your stuff into their apps.

So here’s stuff to get you started. Quick Start Guide for service providers, publishers, and tool developers. Spec for OExchange-Offer and -Discovery. Tools for coders. Demo.

OExchange solves some data portability implementation problems better than most tools. Take a look at the video (1:31).

Congrats on the launch.

The next step is the less-fun part, where the community learns OExchange’s strengths and limits from deployment, and lessons learned turn a new protocol into a de facto standard. The conversation continues in the OExchange Google group.

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