“Open” does not mean “Interoperable Data Portability” which is the real goal

Last Sunday, Chris Saad and I wrote a piece on this blog assessing Facebook’s recent announcement.

Chris has written a follow up piece which I think is a great perspective on what the industry should be thinking about.

….Open is no longer enough. The web community needs to up it’s game.

The same is true for data portability – the group and the idea. Data portability is no longer enough. We must raise the bar and start to aim for Interoperable Data Portability.

Interoperability means that things work together without an engineer first having to figure out what’s on the other end of an API call.

Indeed, our vision as a group is the end goal of privacy-respecting interoperability. This is and always has been the goal of the DataPortability Project. Read Chris’s post on his personal blog for more.

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