Data Portability Membership Registration and Board Elections

Since its founding, the Data Portability organization has been fortunate to have had participation from a diverse collection of folks scattered throughout the globe. So much has already be done, yet there is so much left to accomplish. There are exciting things ahead for data portability in 2010, and this is all as the result of the strength and participation of the Data Portability membership.


It is time to elect the leadership for this effort for the upcoming year, and everyone has the opportunity to participate. But first, you need to reaffirm your membership. You do this by posting a message to the “Data Portability Voting Mailing List” stating that you wish to be a member. Even if you are already a member, you must restate the message in accordance with our bylaws.

NOTE: If you have already affirmed your membership to the general mailing list or to the steering mailing list, please also leave a note on the voting mail list.

Here’s the link to post your membership message:

That’s all it takes to be a member for the entire 2010 term! If you also would like to be part of the Data Portability Steering Committee / Board of Directors, then you must also post a message stating that you would like to nominate yourself. You should also post a brief introduction about yourself as well as your thoughts about Data Portability.

Here’s the link to post your nomination message:

Please do not wait to register as a member or to nominate yourself as there are deadlines coming up quickly.

Here’s a link to more detailed information:

Thanks for all of your support and consideration, and we all look forward to the fantastic year ahead for Data Portability!

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