A Shining Example of Great Work in the Open Web!

The web is full of interesting initiatives and exciting efforts by lots of folks and organizations. All too often the results of these efforts are lost in the noise of everything else going on, rendering it virtually impossible to keep up with all of the “good stuff”. Today, one of the good things came into the light, and its synergistic association with the principals of Data Portability compel me to share it with you.

The Open Web Foundation (“OWF”) has a simple but important charter: to be “an independent non-profit dedicated to the development and protection of open, non-proprietary specifications for web technologies.” That concise message has relevance to all of us, but in particular to the developers and innovators of the next greatest things.

OWF logo

A major milestone was accomplished today by the OWF through the release of the “Open Web Foundation Agreement”, an important document in the world of the open web.

“This reusable agreement is designed to be easily adopted by a wide range of specification communities and organizations as an alternative to the challenging — and costly — process of negotiating new licensing agreements every time.” – DeWitt Clinton

This is the kind of effort that benefits everyone in so many ways, and it is a model of how things can be defined, enhanced, and extended by hard working folks seeking a common goal using an open format — for the benefit of all.

In many ways, this effort mirrors many of the things that we are doing here in Data Portability, including commonality of EULA, and terms of service initiatives.

Here’s the entire document: http://openwebfoundation.org/2009/11/introducing-the-open-web-foundation-agreement.html

Kudos to those who assisted in its creation, and to those whose future participation will continue the effort.

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