Open Identity Pilot For Open Government Announced

Drummond Reed the Executive Director of the Information Card Foundation and one of the DataPortability Project’s early advocates and current Steering Committee member dropped me a note this morning with some great news coming out of Washington DC, in regards to various vendors working together on a Pilot for Open Identity for the Open Government imitative . The full press release can be read here: Yahoo!, Paypal, Google, Equifax, AOL, Verisign, Acxiom, Citi, Privo, Wave Systems Pilot Open Identity For Open Government and Drummond has promised us a post from the ground on this important announcement!

“Open government cannot and will not compromise either security or privacy,” said Drummond Reed, Executive Director of the Information Card Foundation. “By working with private industry, the U.S. government is harnessing the innovation and efficiencies of the open market and letting citizens choose their preferred means of engaging with government agencies.”

Congratulations to Drummond and the rest of the participating organizations, vendors and individuals who are leading this charge!

It is great to see the US government is working towards a user-centric model, one where people are in control of their identities and are not owned by any one organization. Our own DataPortability Project ToS/EULA task force has been busy at work all summer creating a range of standard portability terms and license clauses that will improve communication between people and service providers. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing more information on this and solicit additional feedback to incorporate into the final versions.

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