So what has the DataPortability Project been doing?

Tomorrow, we will be holding first quarterly plenary meeting – where the community at large can question the DataPortability Project’s leadership. As a member of the plenary (membership is free – contact the Steering Groups Secretary Steve Repetti for more information), you can make binding decisions as well.

So since this is our first meeting, here is a summary of what we have been working on; what we are working on; and what we will be working on. Feel free to  look also at our weekly Steering meeting minutes if you wish to dig into the detail.

Governance and workflow taskforce
- Time frame: May 2008 – July 2008
-Purpose: to reboot the Dataportability Project, and convert it from a mailing list that generated discussion, into a structured organisation focused on deliverables. While the output looks small, it required over 50 man hours to determine it.
- Status: Completed
- Task force homepage:
- Final output:

Governance task force
- Time frame: August 2008 – September 2008
- Purpose: to revise the governance framework with subsequent issues identified and rewrite it with a fresh perspective looking at it as a whole
- Status: Completed
- Task force homepage:
- Final output:

Vision and mission
- Time frame: August 2008 – October 2008
- Purpose: to provide a policy DNA for the organisation that would allow subsequent work to be built on
- Status: Completed
- Task force homepage:
-Final output:

Logo and branding task force
- Time frame: August 2008 – March 2009 (scope of work was extended in November 2008)
- Purpose: to create a logo and associated branding for the DataPortability Project, including an upgrade of the website. On two previous occasions,we have received law suits due to our logo, so this third time, we had a much more robust process
- Status: Completed.
- Task force homepage:
- Task force output: Everything (literally) that can be seen on as of today

Legal entity taskforce
- Time frame: Started November 2008, still open
- Purpose: Investigate and prepare for the incorporation of the DataPortability Project as a non-profit entity
- Status: Work completed, documents signed, waiting for clearance
- Task force homepage:

EULA and ToS task force
- Time frame: Started November 2008, still open
- Purpose: to create a set of outputs that can be incorporated into legal documents, reflecting the vision of the DataPortability Project
- Status: draft report will be available in April 2009
- Task force homepage:

Standards landscape task force
- Time frame: Started March 2009, still open
- Purpose: to create an analyst report that can contextualise all the standards that advance data portability, with recommendations to improve identified weaknesses as well how they all fit together
- Status: recruiting for contributors, work has not begun yet
- Task force homepage:

Healthcare taskforce
- Time frame: started November 2008, still open
- Purpose: To provide analysis on how data portability will impact the health sector
- Status: Use cases have been identified, currently assigning work for more focused research
- Task force homepage:

Service provider grid tool
- Time frame: August 2008, still open
- Purpose: An API enabled web service that allows the community to monitor what companies/web services use what standards
-Status: Prototype done. Delays due to required developer staff to complete version one.
Task force homepage:

Volunteer positions task force
- Time frame: November 2008, still open
- Purpose: to recruit, train, and fill open positions for a community manager and a set of analysts
- Status: have recruited a community manager, currently training a half dozen “analysts” around the world on a variety of topics in different jurisdictions
Task force homepage:

Other activities not reflected in the task force work above.
Believe it or not – talking and meetings take up a lot of time!
- discussions over IDTBD membership
- discussions over creating the W3C Social Web incubator group
- discussions over Identity Commons membership
- first actual elections (for vacancies) since the enactment of the governance framework
- podcasts, regular reports, blog (you’re looking at it!), RSS feed of the best data portability posts on the web (note: due to the Magnolia crash, we lost all our bookmarked items. However we have now started a new friendfeed room as a temporary way to share links), and conferences (upcoming ones available here)
- as part of the new website, we have also recently (this month) done a massive reorganisation of the wiki which took 20-30 people hours to do
- we also have three “unofficial task forces” which will emerge when/if they are ready: one on publishing, another on business models, a third on market research.
- We are about to create a dedicated group that can focus on governance, with its first task to determine a more efficient voting system

As you can see, we’ve made a heavy investment in the administrative side of things to prepare us, which is why we are now emerging and reaching out again to the community. We are now embarking on work we have been wanting to do for months, and hope to get a lot achieved this year in output, to be ready for 2010.

We are focused this year on a set of strategic goals, and our core activities going forward are on policy formulation and communications (which includes education).

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