Special Election results

FROM: Elias Bizannes, DataPortability Project vice-chair, election
returning officer
TO: DataPortability Project Members and Supporters
RE:Special Election results

Voting for the Special election of the Steering Group has closed.

A total of 30 votes were cast, of which 28 that were recognised. Two votes were disqualifed for Givotovsky as the voting member had not fulfiled the requirement of joining the plenary one week before voting per section 4.16 of the by-laws.

The results were as follows

Dan Brickley: 8
Anthony Broad Crawford: 7
Nicholas R. Givotovsky: 5
Willem Kossen: 3
Jeremy LeBard: 2
Chris Lunt: 2
Mark Lizar:1

Congratulations to Dan Brickley and Anthony Broad-Crawford who have been elected by the DataPortability Project’s plenary as the two newest Steering Group members.

These positions are to fill the vacancies left by J.Trent Adams and Brett McDowell, who had resigned due to roles taken in other organisations that presented a conflict of interest.

A full election of the 12 person Steering Group will occur at the end of this year.

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