Extended Landscape Diagram

Following on from the previous post, here is an extended diagram that shows a number of new elements.

data portability landscape - extended diagram

data portability landscape - extended diagram

The new elements on this extended diagram are:

  1. 3 unfilled boxes. Standardized EULA, Standardized User Experience, Standardized Business Logic. These are the 3 open opportunities/challenges for the community moving forward. Without these, standardized data portability will have a very hard time competing with Facebook Connect.
  2. MySpace DataAvailability. This is a faded out blue color. While it attempts to use open standards, it is not yet completely in line with the industry best practices. It sits along the same level as the tools because it is an attempt to provide data portability without 3rd party assistance. Everything at this level could benefit from a standardization of the 3 unfilled boxes mentioned above (and shown above in the diagram).

For a full description of the rest of the diagram please see the previous post.

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