DataPortability Project Analyst (Multiple)- Volunteer Positions

Are you interested in researching and writing about items related to the DataPortability Project and contributing to the projects overall goals? Your writing and commentary will be included in multiple external communications outlets, like the official DataPortability Blog, the DataPortability wiki, ‘newletters’, made available  to media writing on the topic and included in official DataPortability Project conference presentations and additional published materials (all with proper attribution).

What can you contribute? Here are some examples:

Analyst Focus: Technologies

What it means for You: Are you interested in being the DataPortability Project Expert on a specific technologies that the Project advocates? Select one or multiple technologies and become a point person in the Project group to analyze and comment when vendors implement these technologies, when open standards groups make moves to push those technologies further, or when new technologies are being discussed.

Analyst Focus: Vendors
What it means for You: Would you like to be “the go to” expert within the DataPortability Project on specific Vendors? We see a lot of the major vendors bringing to the market key components of data portability. If your passion lies with a specific vendor or two, you can become the Project Expert that the community relies on when information is needed or questions need to be asked possibly even becoming a point person to manage the relationship with these vendors as part of the DataPortability Service Grid project

Analyst Focus: Vertical
What it means for You: It there a specific industry vertical that you would like to monitor that requires industry expertise that you are qualified for and want to be the Project’s point person for as questions, issues and opportunities arise? Become the point person for project members to go to when they need to know the top bloggers, commenters and movers and shakers in that industry and become a liaison and leader for those industry verticals ensuring that for example speaking/presentation opportunities at industry conferences are leveraged.

Analyst Focus:Regional
What it means for You: Do you want to cover Data Portability from a regional perspective? Are issues around data portability different in the country you live in and you want to share those experiences with a global audience? Are you interested in making yourself a regional point person for the DataPortability Project to coordinate meetups, regional discussions and other events on behalf of DataPortability?

Or maybe you have something else in mind?

If any of the leadership roles and ways to contribute interest you, we are looking for multiple DataPortability Project ‘Analysts’ on a volunteer basis to monitor, write and engage with the community and vendors that are affected by data portability.

Working with the DataPortability Community Manager and the External Communications task force you can contribute as much as you want or can in order to ensure that the project continues to be a central place to gather and discover information about topics around data portability in the marketplace.

If you are interested in participating please:

Contact Daniela Barbosa or enter your name and email address on the wiki page and the topic(s) of interest that you are interested in as an official DataPortability Analyst and Daniela Barbosa or Danny Housseas  will
contact you to discuss further.

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