The “why” of Open Standards

There’s a great book that you need to read if this whole data portability world perplexes you, called Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. Suffice to say, it’s one of those Must Read books, but what I want to share is a story the boys wrote . . . → Read More: The “why” of Open Standards

OpenID Announces Results To Its First Election

At the DataPortability Project, we’ve monitored closely the first OpenID Foundation election and are proud of the maturity, leadership and appropriate procedure shown by the OpenID foundation in this area.

It is reported that 175 of the 217 eligible members voted. Congratulations to all candidates for their efforts.

Elected to serve 2-year terms:

Snorri . . . → Read More: OpenID Announces Results To Its First Election

Extended Landscape Diagram

Following on from the previous post, here is an extended diagram that shows a number of new elements.

data portability landscape – extended diagram

The new elements on this extended diagram are:

3 unfilled boxes. Standardized EULA, Standardized User Experience, Standardized Business Logic. These are the 3 open opportunities/challenges for the community moving . . . → Read More: Extended Landscape Diagram

The data portability Landscape – An update

Given the recent intense activity around data portability (Announcements from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo etc) and the impending end of the year, I thought it opportune to summarize the data portability landscape from my personal perspective and the perspective of the DataPortability Project.

The data portability Landscape Diagram

2008 was called “The year . . . → Read More: The data portability Landscape – An update

DataPortability Project Analyst (Multiple)- Volunteer Positions

Are you interested in researching and writing about items related to the DataPortability Project and contributing to the projects overall goals? Your writing and commentary will be included in multiple external communications outlets, like the official DataPortability Blog, the DataPortability wiki, ‘newletters’, made available  to media writing on the topic and included in official . . . → Read More: DataPortability Project Analyst (Multiple)- Volunteer Positions