Welcome to the Official DataPortability Blog

Welcome to the Official DataPortability blog.

It’s run by the DataPortability Communications Action Group. It’s guided by the ratified Blog Charter. A call for bloggers was put out on the Communications Google Group and the General Google Group. More bloggers will be recruited over time.

As the Blog Charter states, the purpose of this blog is specific and clear.

The goal of the ‘Official DataPortability Blog’ is to provide mainstream context, commentary and conversation about people, places, events, announcements and trends along the way to the vision of Data Portability as stated by the Vision document.

We look forward to working with the community to publish and distribute valuable content for the community.

Some posts will be consumer focused, others will be early adopter focused, and others still will be business executive or developer focused. We will try to tag appropriately so you can get a view that’s relevant for you.

The posts will also be distributed via Twitter and our original DataPortability RSS feed.

We are also interested in any sites who would like to distribute sub-sets of our content on a regular basis in order to help echo and amplify the groups work to promote interoperable data portability.

I will leave it to the other authors to introduce themselves. I will do the same in a subsequent post.

Welcome to the blog, I look forward to seeing you in the comments!

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